Art & Design Education Centered Around Democratic and Disruptive Practices

  • Simone Osthoff
Keywords: Pennsylvania State University, Latin America, Carlos Rosas, Disruption, Obsolescence


This article emphasizes approaches to design which are centered on democratic and disruptive practices. By focusing on artists and designers who embrace a critical edge of the discipline, it begins describing
a few themes explored in the symposium Matters of Art & Design Education (MADE), at the Pennsylvania State University, and examines some of the theoretical horizons they point to. In the second part of the article, the author interviews the artist and designer Carlos Rosas, who helped develop, and is currently the Professsor in Charge of the IDS—Interdisciplinary Digital Studio program, a Bachelor of Design (B.Des) program in the School of Visual Arts, at that prestigious research University.


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Osthoff, S. (2019). Art & Design Education Centered Around Democratic and Disruptive Practices. DAT Journal, 4(2), 84-96.