A bomb was launched

Reflections on reasons and effects of yarnbombing

  • Regina Barbosa
  • Gilbertto Prado
Keywords: Yarnbombing, Craftivism, Urban space, Needlework


The following article presents the practice of yarnbombing as an action of taking position and responsibility of the practitioner(s) over the space where one lives in. Those interventions happen considering the re-territorialization of the anonymous and domestic acts of needlework that extend themselves over the public spaces, in which groups build discourses and possibilities of dialogue with
the public, in a both playful and palpable way, through familiar tools, techniques and materials. It is questioned if, when it blows up, a bomb made of yarn brings with it as an impact the tangling between the message that the bombers want to send, what is read by those who were hit by it and the effects on the landscape.


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